Wherever You Are


Wherever You Are Lyrics


My best times
Were when I felt close to you
But everything fell apart
The moment I strayed from you

In each smile
In every single sigh
Every minute detail
Traces of you are found there

Wherever you are I’ll find you
Cause you’re the one I turn to
Wherever you be I’ll be with you

Cause you’re the one my heart is to
I need you

To see your smile
I would pass every trial
Desperately I await
For the day when I’m by your side

Wherever you are I’ll find you
Cause you’re the one I turn to
Wherever you are I’ll follow you
Cause you’re the one I turn to
Wherever you be I’ll be with you
Cause you’re the one my love is to
My love is to

Wherever you may be
I’ll follow till I see
In my heart you will be
Your love is all I need

In every single smile
Every single sigh
Every minute detail
Traces of you are there

Wherever you may be
I will search till we meet
In my heart you will be
Your love is all I need

Wherever you may be

Words: Sami Yusuf
Music: Sami Yusuf
Produced by Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf has announced a new album called “Wherever You Are” Coming soon. Sami Stated: “After many years wondering and searching for inspiration; battling and overcoming loss hurt and betrayal; I am happy to say that my — long overdue — album is finally finished and out soon God-willing. It has been 5 years since my last official album… I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, this is my finest work to date simply because you were all part of the whole creative process. You have inspired me more than you can imagine. Every single track on this album is deeply personal to me. God Bless you all and thank you for your incredible patience and support. Stay tuned :-)”

ami Yusuf’s third album (the REAL album) has now been in the making for over 2 years. It will be a ‘cross-over’ album with more focus given to the English language. Sami has experimented with different styles in this album and by his own admission is “very proud of what it is becoming…It’s definitely the best work I have done (lyrically and musically) to date and I hope it’s going to be blessed…”
Sami has colloborated for the first time with singer-songwriter Conner Reeves (http://www.connerreeves.com/) who’s hit’s include “My Father’s Son” among others. He has written for many stars in the past including Joss Stone and Rod Stewart and is currently busy working on his own album. Conner has extended his beautiful talent in order to write lyrics for several of Sami Yusuf’s forthcoming tracks. “It’s such a blessing to work with Conner” Sami says, “he totally feels where I am coming from and he’s among the few songwriters I truly respect out there because he’s versatile, deeply spiritual and very talented…” As always, Sami produced, composed, arranged and wrote all the songs (with the exception of Conner’s contribution) and is working tirelessly to get it ‘right’.

Sami Yusuf’s first album in 5 years, and quite possibly his finest work to date is now complete — and will be out soon! Stay tuned on http://www.islamiclyrics.net/sami-yusuf/ for more information.

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98 thoughts on “Wherever You Are”

  1. Sami Yusuf is one of a kind a unique singer with a an amazingly beautiful voice that take you a way and i am dying to hair his new album
    best wishes
    fan from Egypt

  2. despite that this song was not written for Allah i felt that Allah's love in my heart is in this song because he is the one i turn to, need, find every where and need him to be with me, really this song touches the deepest love in my heart.
    ما شاء الله جزاكم الله خيرا

    • al salaamu 3alaik ya a5y al kareem
      ya a5y mayenfa3sh t2ool l7ad "A3AZ ALLAH BEKA AL ISLAAM" laken t2ool a3azak allah bel 2aslaam le2anaho wa ma3a kamel e7traamy lel a5 sami yousef ela enaho aw 3`ayro lan ya3ezo el eslaam bal allah sob7anaho w ta3aala ya3ez al naas bel eslaam
      wafakani allah wa 2eyaakom wa kol al nas ela al 5ayr w a3azana bel eslam amen amen amen

  3. How a wonderful song, I loved it so much. Thank u Sami for an amazing voice with great words which you have produced. God may bless you always and protect you from any the loss and anything wherever you are. Machaa Allah, Allah Akber.

    • i thank the god that gave us someone like you sami. you're the best the most amazing singer ever, you're my guide the brother and the father and the teacher, wish that i could sing with u, even with a word it would be enough 4 me, i used to sing with my self but they don't support me to, god safe you…
      i love you alllllllllllllllot, your brother, abdulqader

  4. Sami this is a wonderful song… Amazing, amazing, amazing… I'm from Azerbaijnan and you need to know that our people loves you and your songs… Allah bless you

  5. This is really amazing and you are amazing and i really like your songs … You are really very nice … Your songs are heart touching especially your supplication took my Heart … God Bless You Ameen … !!

  6. i ask Gad almighty to protect u from evil things , i ask God almighty to help u to save u to support u to and to give u high K Guide u knowledge which lead u to paradise AMEN. more Anasheed without music
    your Brother
    Dr. wissam

  7. Very nice …i like this song very much….his voice is so merciful and kind …we are waiting for new works …i really enjoy when i listen to his songs …

  8. Subhanalloh…
    ini Music yang sangat2 indah di dengar… Meski di putar berkali-kali tetap g bosan. Sukses bwt bapak, Sami Yusuf tercinta… I Love U…

  9. I was introduced to your music recently and now a day does not go by that I dont hear your voice and your beautiful words. Thank you to my friend and to you Sami…both of you are an inspiration I'm grateful to have in my life.

  10. awesome tracks.. love ur work.. your songs are very meaningful.. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY Bless you with more happiness and success..

  11. Beautiful songs We wish you happiness in this world and hereafter

    And be with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

    we so proud of u

    People in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world love you <3

    • Ur unbelievable! Hez not Iranian, hez from Azerbaijan !why u Iranian people always have to make everyone talented Iranian. God!! It makes me so angry

      • Yeah your right sami yusuf is from Azerbaijan and i don’t also know why are the iranian like this… in my opinion he is the greatest singer in the world wherever he come from… lots of love from Afghanistan to sami yusuf….

  12. Sami Yusuf you are a great incredible singer. And you need to know that our people love you. I am from PAKISTAN my age is 13 i read in class 7th and i am also a HAFIZ OF QURAN . MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH SO MANY BLESSINGS.Sami Yusuf it is my wish to sing with you.MY voice is good that is why i practice your songs and NAATS ,HAMDS.PLEASE tell me where do you live?MY facebook ID’s name is SHAH ALAM.There are so many people who don’t know hotta speak ENGLISH in PAKISTAN but i studied ENGLISH and it took almost 5 months now i am a good speaker of ENGLISH.Now my sentence are fluent. OK these all sentences which i have written are true. It means i telling truth. OK ALLAH HAFIZ

  13. Hi sami how are you at the first that i heared your song i feel it is of my inside because i am in love with god (allah) too and i want to say i proud of you because you are from azerbaijan like me bye

  14. Hi Sami,

    My name is Majid and I’m an azari and live in Tehran
    Like you
    Come to Iran, that’s not important where are you from, Where were you born and You are shia or sonny…, that’s important you are a muslim like me and other muslims.Our God is Allah and our Prophet is Muhammad and our book is Quran.

    Whant to here more persian songs from you.
    Excuse me for my bad English.

  15. Wow surely this man sings inspired by GOD.More time under his GOD inspired songs I will surely pray to submit to his GOD.

  16. Fabulous voice.I can find my Allah whenever I listen your music.May Allah bless you.Love u my best singer sami yusuf.create more songs like(Oh Allah oh Almighty,Hashbi Rabbi,we will meet) these by the help of Allah.May Allah bless u.


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