Allah Lyrics | الله Lyrics

By: Shpend Limani & Selma Bekteshi
Languages: English & Albanian

You are the one i trust
You are the one I admire
No doubt you are the One
Ya Rrahman Ya Rrahim
You are the One who makes me happy
You are the one who recovers e very pain
When I deviate You guide me

You are supreme my Lord
The glory belongs to you only
You are the creator of the universe
Ya Rrahman Ya Rrahmin
My God You are the greatest
The praise belongs to You
For every blessing You have given us

-I’ve got the most precious treasure
The Qur’an is my guidance
Allah Elhamdulilah
I will not abandon your way
As long as i’ll live till my last breath
Allah Allah Allah Allah
There is no god but You
La ilahe il-la Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah
Ther is no god but You
La ilahe il-la Allah


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