Where is my Warrior?


Where is my Warrior? Lyrics

Abbas x4 Abbas my warrior
Where is my warrior? x6

It was because of you, that the caravan had, the strength to go on
Where are you loyal one, your sister is without a veil
Where is my warrior…

I find no peace until, and unless I see your face
But I see not your head, on any of these pointed spears
How will I see you now? x2

Where is my warrior…

Why don’t you defend your, big sister’s dignity
Let the sands rise up and, surround me like a veil
The winds wait for your command x2

Where is my warrior…

Did you see your sister, unveiled in the markets
Where have you gone to hide, why don’t you just tell me
So that I can come to you x2

Where is my warrior…

When you were young I would, sing you sweet lullabies
I held your hand taught, you to walk oh so straight
Now they’re making me walk, like a poor prisoner

Where is my warrior…

Your little darling niece, your beloved Sakina
Was not able to bear, the journey from Karbala
She would cry to the skies x2

Where is my warrior…

I am the sister to, the heir of the Prophets
I am from the family, of Haider and Quran
Who do I call upon? x2

Where is my warrior…

English Nauha Information

Artist(s): Voices of Passion
Album: Narrations of Karbala 1430 / 2009
Lead Reciter on CD: Abbas Ali Jagani
Based by: Ghazi Kahaan Ho (Shahid Baltistani – 2007)
Based on: as edited by Abbas Ali Jagani

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