Allah Made Everything


Allah Made Everything Lyrics


Hey little fish in the bottom of the ocean
Moving along in a really cool motion
Did you ever wonder where you came from
Who is the lord of all creation
The little fish said “That’s my Lord”
“Allah the Creator of us all”

Hey little bird so way up high
Light up the sky with your color design
Tell me who made you and I
Me to walk and you to fly
The little bird said “That’s my Lord”
“Allah the Creator of us all”

Allahu Akbar
Our Creator
There’s no one greater
Than Allah
So why do we stand tall
Too proud to recognize
What’s right before our eyes
Signs from our Lord

Hey alligator laying so still
Who’s your maker, by who’s will
Do you crawl and do you swim
Who controls everything
The alligator said “That’s my Lord”
“Allah the Creator of us all”

Hey king of the jungle the mighty lion
Top of the food chain, no denying
But who is the one that you rely on
Life or death who is deciding
The Lion said “That’s my Lord”
“Allah the Creator of us all”


Hey my brother hey my sister
See yourself as self sustainer
Don’t you see what will come later
We all return to the Creator
Then we’ll say “That’s our Lord”
“Oh Allah forgive us all”

I travelled the world, north to the south
East to the west and there ain’t no doubt
Whoever I see, whatever I’ve found
I can hear them sing out loud
Alḥamdullillāh Praise my Lord
Allah the Creator of us all


Additional Chorus:
Allah made everything
You and I
Allah made everything
The earth and the blue sky
But do we remember him
Thank him for everything
Surrender to only Him
With all our lives

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