Ca C’est La Vie


Ca C’est La Vie Lyrics

WRITTEN BY: Zain Bhikha, Saifullah, Jeremy Karodia & Vivek Partshotam .

I wanna know
How do you feel
Coz I’d like you to show
Your story untold

So don’t be afraid
Just let it go
I’ll ease your pain
As our story unfolds

I know life can be hard
But I am here by your side
So let your tears flow
Coz I wanna know

Ca C’est La Vie
This is life
And I’ll be by your side
Like the shore meets the tide
So take hold of me
My love is infinity
Coz there in your smile
Lies my destiny

I know who you are
Strong as a mountain
An undeniable star
That shines on forever

But even mountains can crumble
And stars fade away
But you’re my forever
Somehow we’ll be ok

I see that you’ve come so far
You’ve struggled oh so hard
Don’t face your fears alone
Coz I wanna know


Spoken Word:
I see you so fragile
My beautiful angel
My blessing you’ve brought out
The best in me….
You’re my tomorrow
Cos when I look at you
My future in Jannah
You’ve helped me to see
I know it’s hard
No one could ever understand
The struggles that you face
Please know I lend my hand
Forever made for yours, intertwined, made to hold
Lock and load, come what may, I’ll never let you go
Cos you are what makes me
I’m forever grateful
For every moment
To raise you, to praise you
To always be there
To always love you
My beautiful angel

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  1. I love this song it is amazing I love the lyrics and the meaning of ca cest la vie it make me feel so happy
    What i would to zain bhikha if I meet him inshalla
    “I love your nasheeds and to carry on doing what you are doing because it is amazing and inspires me so much


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