Heartbeat Lyrics

80 beats a minute, beats a minute going by
There aint nothing in it, someday soon we gonna die
Cos from the beginning, at the start of our lives
Allah Decides

Verse 1
tick tock….cant stop the clock
never know when you gotta go
never know when it’s gonna stop
pop pop , and then you drop
your countdown begins since before you were born
dont let a moment slip by that you’ll regret when your gone
losing 80 beats a minute, 400 for this song
tomorrow isn’t promised
This life aint really long
the one that’s comin after is the one that truly matters wait stop…
missing a beat, drawing the heat
gotta conspire to change your life or its the fire we eat
cos time is but a token every mans at a loss
don’t matter if you young or old , you never know what you got
so with every living, breathing, beating moment that your’re given turn attention
to the one who grants your heart the permission
before your clock stops tickin

Verse 2
Thump Thump, every heart beat pump
they saying stop me chump, now you got me stumped!
These young thugs, being hard, living life on edge,
Doing drugs, being scarred by delusions of their age
they’re their own slave master, Do anything they can to make
their hearts pumping faster, No fear of disaster
Tick tick tock, it’s a count down timer,
Quick, now stop, take a lesson from a rhymer
80 beats per minute, but as youth we feel infinite
From the up-beat in the beginning, every symphony has been written
Cos God’s controlling the pulse, counting the throbs, even the strokes
Every half-note and quiver, has been written in the books
when that last beat drum’s, all your past deeds comes,
Good deeds will only matter, better best bring some…

Verse 3
4800 an hour, 100 000 a day
that’s 42 million per annum, man you aint got time to play
cos praying is what pays when investing in heaven
drop the cocaine and the clubs, and the vices of Satan
cos he is the one that diverts you, yeah
till you visit the graves then realise a life of virtue
So, sieze the day, make it count, make a change
believe in Allah, His angels, books, the last day
the greatest of man, all the prophets who came…
until Muhammad the last, Peace be upon him we say
Predestination the plan…penned by God’s almighty Hand
Heaven awaits those who contemplate and understan

Performed: Rashid Bhikha and Khalil Ismail
Written: Zain Bhikha, Rashid Bhikha, Abdul Malik Ahmed and Khalil Ismail
Published: Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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