Land of Revelation


Land of Revelation Lyrics

WRITTEN BY: Zain Bhikha

The air is still
Sun light comes in
And the mountains are alive
As I walk upon
A desert road
Feel a stirring deep within
How can I explain such overwhelming peace
Yet I can’t remain still, my hearts quivering
In this land of revelation

Here I am Allah
For no one but You
لَبَّيْكَ اللّهُمَّ
I surrender to You
As a slave to the Master
I know no other
Allah Here I am
In this land of revelation

Sacred place on earth
A most blessed birth
A child of light within
Cleansed by the Angels
So many favors
Allah placed On Al Amīn
And there’s none in the seven heavens that doesn’t know his name
For Muḥammad is perfection
Sent to lead the way
From this land of revelation


This heavenly stone
Placed in its home
By the hands of the chosen one
Oh I hear it cry
Just one more time
For a kiss from Rasūlullāh
Is this where he prayed for us
At the station of Ibrāhīm
For Muḥammad was pure mercy
رَحْمَةٌ لِلعَالَمِيْنَ
In this land of revelation


From the silence
My soul rises
To the call of the adhān
I imagine
How beautiful
Was the voice of Bilāl
And for the first time in my life, I finally feel at home
In this city of Rasūlullāh,
Ṣallallāhu ٴAlayhi Wasallam
And the land of the revelation

اللّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى
سَيِّدِنا مُحَمّدٍ
وَآلِهِ وَ صَحْبِهِ
وَبَارِك وَ سَلِّم
يَا عَزِيزُ يَا جَبَّارُ
يَا فَتَّاحُ يَا عَلِيمُ
يَا حَكِيْمُ يَا مُعِزُّ
يَا رَبَّ العَالَمِيْنَ
يَا جَلِيْلُ يَا كَبِيرُ
يَا حَمِيْدُ يَا كَرِيْمُ
يَا رَٷوْفُ يَا عَفُوُّ
يَا نُوْرُ يَا بَاقِٸُ

As a slave to the Master
I know no other
Allah Here I am
In this land of revelation

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