Lay Down Your Head


Lay Down Your Head Lyrics

Lay down your head
And go to sleep
May you dream
Of gardens sweet
Close your eyes
And dream away
Of Allah’s gifts
To you this day

The sun that rose upon your head
As you lay within your bed
Green grass, blue skies and waters deep
Of this and more, dream in your sleep.


The earth and all that it contains
With Allah’s blessing, He sustains
Remember this, my dear, in sleep
That Allah’s pleasure we must seek.


Allah created all you see
The mountains, birds and humming bees
To Him we will return one day
So turn to Him again and pray.


And as you drift off to sleep
In my heart your love I’ll keep
You are so special my dear.
Cause Allah brings our hearts so near.


English Nasheed Information:

Artist (s): Zain Bhikha, Fakazi Ngwekazi (Nhlanhla), Linda Gcwensa & Mfana Nxumalo
Album: Allah Knows

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  1. yeh sis Amina ur right this is CRAP. I was checking out dis site and went to Zain's section-pizza in his pocket there were some terrible comments bout him but true seems like no one likes him

  2. I really like this Nasheed I imagine my selves singing front of my friends and family I really want to meet Zain Bhikha


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