One God


One God Lyrics

To Allah belongs the Universe so beautiful
The planets, stars go floating past obeying his will
To Allah belongs the earth and sky so wonderful
Oh the oceans wide, the mountains high, all the animals

Looking at the sky, so many million miles, over space and time, there is only one God
From a teatop, watch the sun stop, through a dew drop, there is only one God

There is only one God, Praise be to Him
His Love is Eternal, My life is His
There is only One God, Glory be to Him
La Illaha Ill Allah

To Allah belong the Jinn, the Angels and all Man
From fiery fire, purest light and coloured sands
To Allah belong the messengers sent to guide
For every nation those who came, all they tried

To bring back the light, guide through the night, make everything right, there is only one God
Muhammad the last, given the task, peace do we ask, there is only one God


Ar Rahman the compassionate and gracious
Ar Rahim
The Merciful you made the earth spacious Al Maalik
The King of all spaces
Al Quddus
The Holy who can never be replaced
As Salaam bestower of
peace and tranquility
Al Mu’min
the ultimate
Granter of Security
Ya Allah You are my life
I need You blessin me
Al Muhaymin Protector of Protectors
Al Aziz the Mighty Al Jabbaar the Compeller
Al Mutakabbir Supreme in Greatness so Majestic
made us from clay breathed of His spirit He is ever blessed
Al Khaliq Creator
Al Bari the Maker
Al Mussawir
He is the form shaper
Ya Allah I think of You and I feel safer

Al Ghaffar the Forgiver of the Sinners
Al Qahhar the Subduer the Ender
Al Wahhab the Bestower no one higher
Ar Razzaq the Provider He’s the Greatest He’s the Guider
Al Fattah
the Opener and Judge of Judges
Al alim All-Knowing Your attributes are ongoing
it is Your promises that keep me hoping
we give a few of Allah’s infinite attributes
we say Allah we love You for everything You do
we show appreciation
Repeat that You’re the greatest
To prove we only wish to be in Your good graces

To Allah belongs everything, I call my own
The heart within my body’s home, my very soul
To Allah I pray my every day’s lived in His name
And that I someday will reach the place, where peace prevails


Performed: Zain Bhikha and Khalil Ismail
Written: Khalil Ismail and Zain Bhikha
Published: Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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  1. Aslam hu aleycom my name is Hajrah Qayyum im 11 years old (mashalah) i am inshallah gonna pray this amazing nashed in my mosque jalsa i realy like it .
    hope fully you can pray a dua for me and my sister Aslam hu aleycom .
    your sensierly Hajrah Qayyum x


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