The Passing Traveller


The Passing Traveller Lyrics

WRITTEN BY: Zain Bhikha

I wanna go where I’ll be happy
Gardens where rivers flow, eternally
I wanna go, see Allah’s promises
To those believers who walked His path

I’m but a stranger in a hostile world
And I cannot savour, this lie no more

يَا اللَّهُ يَا رَّحْمٰنُ يَا رَّحِيمُ يَا مَلِكُ يَا قُدُّوسُ يَا سَلَامُ يَا اللَّهُ
Guide me to Jannah

I wanna go be with Allah’s beloved
Sit in his company, see him smile
I wanna go drink from the well of kawthar
The water for the Purest
Promised to Muḥammad (pbuh)

I’m but a traveller on a hot summer’s day
Resting under a tree, then went on my way

I wanna go see my mother and father
Embrace them in my arms, whisper I love you so
I wanna go see others I have lost
Hold them oh so close, say I missed you so

I came in this world, just passing through
And I wanna travel just like المُؤْمِنُ
يَا عَزِيزُ يَا جَبَّارُ يَا خَالِقُ يَا بَارِٸُ يَا غَفَّارُ يَا قَهَّارُ يَا اللهُ
Guide me to Jannah

I wanna go see our father Ādam
His blessed brothers, all of the prophets honored
I wanna go see the righteous companions
Those who the prophet loved, the best generation

I’m but a stranger in this hostile world
And I cannot savour, this lie no more

I wanna go finally be at peace
No worries, no old age
Blissful eternity

I wanna go see my palace in Jannah
Shining silk, silver, gold
So beautiful forever

I’m but a traveller taking rest for a while
Soon will come a time, I’ll have to say goodbye

يَا سَمِيْعُ يَا بَصِيْرُ يَا خَبِيْرُ يَا عَظِيْمُ يَا غَفُوْرُ يَا شَكُوْرُ يَا اللَّهُ
Guide me to Jannah

I wanna go for the ultimate blessing
Be with الرَّحْمٰنُ
اللَّهُ السَّلَامُ

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