Who I Am


Who I Am Lyrics

Social Expectation drowns us all inside
What you have should be what I want
Cos what I have just aint alright
The clothes I wear, the way I comb my hair
How I live, oh I don’t care

This is who I am, this is me
Nothing, everything, can’t you see
Who I am, just let me be
Cos like it or not but God loves me
Who I am

He said, she said, they all did
What’s expected of them all
To get to the top don’t matter
If somebody’s gotta fall
You gotta brace the storm, the norms to conform
Get what you wants’ gonna kill us all

Beyond the body that you see
There’s so much more to me
And I feel best when my soul is free

They tell me this is the way
that I need to reform
If I continue to stray,
I’m gonna start up a storm
Wear this, drive that, like this, not that
Don’t dare lose track or you’ll fall way back
But if my Lord loves me then
I know that I’m free
You can say what you want just let me be
I know if I’m real and it’s not a disguise
You’ll love who I am if you open up your eyes
I insist that you see, I aint a mystery
It’s who I wish to be, this is me
It’s what’s true within, come and look again
Looking through the skin
Who I Am

Featuring Abdul Malik Ahmad
Words by Zain Bhikha & Abdul Malik Ahmad
Melody by Zain Bhikha
Album: 1415: The Beginning: Zain Bhikha
Released 2009.

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