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Meditation Lyrics

Assalatu wa as-salamu ‘alayk
‘alayka ya Rasul Allah,
Assalatu wa as-salamu ‘alayk
‘alayka ya Habib Allah;
Assalatu wa as-salamu ‘alayk,
‘Alayka ya sayyidi, (3)
‘Alayka ya sayyidal awwalina wal akhirin.

Peace and salutations upon you O Messenger of Allah,
Peace and salutations upon you O Beloved of Allah;
Peace and salutations upon you,
Upon you O my Master, (3)
Upon you O Master of the first (generations) and the last (generations).

Nasheed Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: Al-Mu’allim
Melody: Traditional Islamic folklore
Lyrics: Traditional Islamic folklore
Producer: Sami Yusuf

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